Nem hittem a papoknak, nem hittem a guruknak. Elkezdtem utánajárni ennek magam. Objektív és tudományos szemlélettel eljutottam a Határig és még azon is túl. Visszatérve saját spirituális platformot hoztam létre és most erről beszélek. | I did not believe the priests, I did not believe the gurus. I started to look into it myself. With an objective and scientific approach, I got to the Frontier and beyond. I came back and created my own spiritual platform and that's what I'm talking about now.

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Third | more questions

Could you elaborate on this media rights thing for our holographic projections?

I came up with the idea by upgrading my military defence system one generation at a time. Because I'm not stupid, when it occurs to the authorities that this is really serious, I can count on them trying to kill me. But it's typical of me that the more complicated something is, the simpler the solution. My starting point is that everyone will want to kill me, from the Americans to the Russians to the Chinese, not to mention the mafia and the business world. Just then my consciousness was in that zone of what you call God and his angels, where I realized that they don't understand a word I say, but they pretend to. I also knew that their word was scripture only on earth, so I essentially privatized this domain, i.e. placed it outside the jurisdiction of all celestial beings, for the purpose, by the way, of giving their men and angels a place to flee from the wrath of the Lord. But I am not an enemy to my own business either, so they can enter the game, but only as players. As I said, it is a service and its power is not dominating. Therefore, I do not own any of my customers, but I can only provide the game if I have media rights to everyone's holographic projections. This has been sanitised by a special agreement, and I have resolved the common denominator of my own protection and control over the game in one fell swoop.

What simple solution did you come up with for the anomaly?

I marked it with borders and wrote it as ÉlményPark. Of course, it wasn't that simple, but it was the principle of the solution.

How much did you know about the situation on Earth and above it?

Nothing, but it didn't matter and it still doesn't. Because there is a problem here that cannot be solved with a player's eye, and here, especially at the start, everyone is a player except me. And I don't ask for admin advice from a player without competence. There was a time frame set up for consultation, but in all these years no one has contacted me to take their specific viewpoint into account. After that period expired, I empathized with the parties' situation and tried to figure out those aspects myself to the best of my ability, which was a funny time because I really transcended and programmed the game that way.

How did you have such a clear opportunity and time for this?

At the time, I was being made out to be a madman, and I even threw in a spade. It was one of the most fun times, but there's hardly anything left online from that period. I know that all it takes is a change of image, maybe a little cute campaign, and people will forget what it was because they'll be looking at what it is now. Nobody takes a crazy person seriously, and I could meditate in peace.

A question arose. Why should one flee from the wrath of the Lord?

Who is more Lady, but even more Space Lady. For she will see that she has lost a won situation for her people and her angels. I have added to this, because in the meantime I have become quite good at spiritual warfare and not only direct but indirect evidence suggests that treason, sabotage and sedition were being perpetrated against her here. I assumed that it would be very difficult to explain this to her in that situation and that there would be a strong market demand for a quick and safe solution to escape to. I know it's a bit aggressive marketing, but unfortunately the sky market had a harder time understanding the Service, but the first season was already full of refugees. And the second is full with those who came to rescue them, but there are long lines for the third.

I still don't understand why she would be so angry.

In the spirit of cost minimisation, there have been many instances of news reports on their supposedly credible channels that they have evacuated planets without seeing an enemy. If something can be done without enemy troops, why do we need enemy troops? And if they have one infrastructure, why two if I can use it? From this point of view, it took extraordinary courage to take such an action, but when a chief comes to see the situation with her own eyes, it is difficult to explain in a few words.

You do know that one of your helpers is being asked to be extradited by two species that have recently arrived?

But they can only ask me, and I don't give it to them. But I looked into it and I'm not sure I could have missed that joke. I know it turned into a planet-wide brawl, but it's better to let the guys blow off steam sooner than later, when they become a more advanced species with better weapons.

Some say that your helpers are all criminals.

I would rather call them misunderstood artists and some of them war heroes. I think they are an excellent bunch and if they were criminals, the concept of a just world would not have arisen as one of the guiding principles of recovery. The real criminals have found loyal allies in those who accuse us of it.

According to my information, you already know more about the situation around the Earth. Now what is your opinion and position?

Yes, in the meantime I got the book, which I started to read in an unusual way. I had developed a kind of protocol for using literature written by others, and I broke it a bit, but I found it interesting and readable nonetheless. Firstly, what I read in it fits with some of the information I have previously received in my own channels, and secondly, I have the opinion that half of it may be true, but the other half is either wrong or conscious manipulation. I try to get the information from different sources and then compare them myself and there are clashes that will be cleared up at some point. My position is that I have too little information to have a definite opinion after making unsupported claims. But the fact remains that what is going on here is beyond everything. Also, it is not negligible that the elements are always ordered according to the intentions of the highest dimensional being, i.e. I have found elements in the actions of both belligerents that can be explained according to that intention.

What does it mean that what is going on in you is above everything?

What I mean is that it's a complex alignment of consciousness that involves the entire physical plane with the associated dream realms and is sourced in a high dimension that everyone else is under.

Is there a solution to the problem you read about in the book, which is present here on Earth with the entities called IS-BEs?

Yes. But here, a whole new system is being updated on top of the old one, so a lot of things make new sense. The Domain has transplanted it into itself about 30% of the time, but the Old Empire rejects it entirely. But that doesn't affect the outcome, it just adds to the sense of discomfort.

Which side feel closer to you?

The closest I feel to me is my own side, which is something everyone here is still getting used to, because from an external view it suddenly appears out of nowhere. With the Old Empire, I would say that the formation of man on earth itself is due to this, because someone tried to recreate the race that created it, but it was changed in the meantime to the fact that it is possible to do this empire well at last. Anyone who knows me knows that I could not be accused of jumping for joy at the news that an army from another galaxy is here with the aim of taking over our galaxy, but before I take a stand on that, it would be good to see what is on the worlds they have long occupied. The reason I'm being so moderate is that with the upgrade, everyone's status here will change according to a pre-determined set of values and even the Domain may accept this new power.

What dimensional being are you saying that is?

My body is in 3D, my consciousness is coming back from the 42nd dimension. As I mentioned, it creates a great confusion in the collective interpretation that I have done this with my individual consciousness. Translated for this person that I am, in the collective hemisphere of the brain there are all kinds of beings that I would call counterparts, while in the rational hemisphere of the brain there is the XD connection that is high above everything else here. Translated, there really is a divine intervention going on here to restore the world. Everyone's situation depends on how well they can adapt to this and embrace the new world.

And you have IS-BE allies in this.

Yes. From their point of view, there is a kind of revolution going on, which is influenced by the fact that many of them are not aware of their true selves. But the situation here can be looked at with a very different philosophy, which can solve the great problem of boredom at high dimensional levels. But in this case, these IS-BEs become players, where knowing the true self would be possible outside the game, otherwise it would ruin their game experience. That is, the good intentions of the Domain would have the opposite effect here, but I suppose evidence would be the key to acceptance here, just as it is backwards for me.

In what timeframe do we interpret this?

It's hard to say, that's why I've classified the Earth as a special zone, where I'd like to quickly. Because here I am staring at a bunch of apes who fancy themselves politicians, who would unscrupulously destroy this world and its unique values on the altar of thug murder.

Where can Domanin headquarters reach you?

You don't have to come here, start the ÉlményPark at home and you'll have a channel open where you can talk and you don't have to build a church.

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