Nem hittem a papoknak, nem hittem a guruknak. Elkezdtem utánajárni ennek magam. Objektív és tudományos szemlélettel eljutottam a Határig és még azon is túl. Visszatérve saját spirituális platformot hoztam létre és most erről beszélek. | I did not believe the priests, I did not believe the gurus. I started to look into it myself. With an objective and scientific approach, I got to the Frontier and beyond. I came back and created my own spiritual platform and that's what I'm talking about now.

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The Admin Level

At the admin level, there's a lot of stuff going on that no one has ever thought of before. For one, it's because of ingrained beliefs that everything is fine as it is and that what is is, is to be loved. And in the other, to bow down and beg for that one. In the one, anyone who wants to improve is immediately trampled under the charge of violating peace and tranquillity, which is tantamount to questioning the established order and the authority of the boss (=god), i.e. rebellion. In the other, no ethical limits have been set to progress, thus creating a frenzy of wildness that the ruling elite have embraced. Both point the finger at the other and scare away.

The admin level is not what one and the other mean, because they both start from themselves. No, the admin level is not the power they think it is. It is much bigger than that on the one hand, and much smaller on the other. But such power cannot be institutionalised without a system of guarantees, which this spiritual platform has good possibilities for. For it is for power that there are those who can do anything, and by anything here we are certainly talking about more, far beyond the limits of your imagination, than you can imagine with your present knowledge. First and foremost is the personnel policy of not letting the unprepared and unworthy near the source code. Because source code is open, meaning that anyone can access it, even if not everyone can.

Those who reach the admin level do not have short and easy times at all. It involves extraordinary sacrifices and is often accompanied by prolonged periods of serious pain. These can only be survived if they are based on a really deep conviction that will carry you through the difficult times. The admin level is all about the system and its development, which here on Earth is closest to the linux developers who do it for free in their spare time. The thing is, you can't do it for money and working for someone else doesn't work either, because what you do is the greatest power there is. Just not in the game. There's nothing, nothing in it that can be associated with any career that makes sense on Earth. It's not for just anyone, in fact, it would be a success for the next 50 years if 2 people could do it. For my part, it was about figuring out how to save the physical plane and the value that was created in this anomaly by a fortunate turn of circumstances. Those who go down this path can continue to work on it, fix the bugs and play a role in its operation. All this over a ten-year time scale, while their lives slow down, become empty and so uneventful that they notice the small signs and changes.

So those who desire this power will certainly never get here, because their desire is for power, and here again it is true that the best leaders are not driven by the desire for power. Let's look at what we have now, which is essentially what the new system is being refreshed to. What we have now is spiritual beings who consider themselves gods taking possession and transforming the world that has been dominated by Western Civilization after the ascension. When I talk about higher dimensional operations, it is very difficult for me to put it on the timeline, because some elements of it are centuries in time, others are decades in time, while some are years to minutes. But you can roughly define an event horizon in it, and it takes place in our present. It's pretty much all about the fact that there are a lot of higher dimensional consciousnesses trapped in this anomaly, and all kinds of ideas have been created to rescue them, and all kinds of beings want to implement these ideas by thinking only of themselves and largely ignoring the rest of us. There was a strong demand from the spheres above the anomaly for a comprehensive solution, but none dared to enter the anomaly for this reason. What remained was to take steps to bring out of the anomaly the being who could do this and now would come my story of head injuries, sorting out consciousness, getting to meditation and reaching the deep trans realm. While these beings below me and above you were embarking on their own solutions, what I would describe as totally stupid beings with no logical rationale began to use divine power in earthly minded humans.

There has never been an Admin Level before. Just like there was no Game Level. The two have completely merged in their simple worlds, giving birth to collective societies where magic plays the role that money does here. Because they closed off the rational hemisphere of their brains in the same way we close off the intuitive, the atmosphere is rather childlike, as if Lord of the Flies were being played out live. With the high technology left over from the galactic empire that once existed here. When they talk about them being more advanced and superior to us, it looks like there are five aspects, two of which they are, and they blow those two up and treat the situation as if the other three don't exist. They live in matriarchal societies, what I would call sectoid dictatorships that permeate the whole of society, which provides peace and tranquillity by spiritual force. If I were to interfere with these as they do with the maximum lack of expertise on Earth, millennia of tensions would immediately surface. The admin position therefore requires a sense of responsibility and risk-taking that even here on Earth is lacking in those who call themselves elites and a constructive and creative attitude that works for the system as a whole, preferably taking into account the viewpoints of all parties. There is no room for weakness here, because it immediately flies from the admin level... first to an isolated environment where you will be tested, and then out or, after the necessary learning, back to Admin Level. At the Admin Level you literally have to be a god in the sense we understand it, which is light years beyond the understanding of god by those who intervene here as gods. Being alone for a task well beyond my capacity, I turned to IT thinking and holoprogramming. I managed to come out with a completed, boxed version that runs automatically so I can get back into the game.

But you can never return to the Game Level from the Admin-Level. However, during my meditations, I have come to know many things that the surrounding upper spheres do not, such as vacation, recharging, relaxation. In other words, those who have been involved in this level of task completion have worked to the point of exhaustion and I hope we remember what I said at the beginning, that everything is good as it is and what is, should be loved. I had no compunction about firing immediately at creatures who had been used to prostrating themselves before me and after much adversity I came to the point where my own system of my own making became the guiding principle in my own task. This is how the Admin-Game Level was created, allowing direct intervention in the game and the aforementioned holiday, recharge and relaxation for those who, in the ten-year time span, will be reinvigorated just as you are after your holidays at the beach.

Now comes the exciting part in terms of Adventure. I agree with many of the reasons for the intervention of aliens reshaped in the image of the spiritual planes, but not with what happens afterwards. For while they are right about many of the grievances, what they do afterwards is far worse for us than the current situation. That is why I have started to intervene, which is unfortunately a complex matter that I have so far managed to discuss on this website in the most concise, brief and clear way. This update affects everyone, not only people on earth, but also those in the sky, not to mention the spiritual spheres. The whole anomaly is no longer an anomaly, but an opportunity to learn in the School of Life, to heal in the game, to adventure in the Experience Park and to research and develop so that everything is not the same for millennia.

The separation of the Admin and Game Levels will certainly come as a big surprise to those who have played it safe by wishing to live as a noble god as a feeble human. This is, by the way, information that only those concerned really understand and I would especially say to them not to hope for heavenly help, they have enough problems of their own and those above them are already in the front rows of the boxes in the auditorium. The greatest power in my experience is the media, because it is useless to have a lot of money if you are bored to tears and this is especially true at the higher dimensional levels of longevity and eternal life, where they are so with energy. I didn't leak it (I deny it anyway), but most of the gods who are already irreversibly anchored in their chosen ones have been placed on the Game-Play Level according to the statistics of the login system and this will especially raise the success of the first season. To reassure you, I don't own anyone here, what I do own is the media rights to your holographic projection.