Nem hittem a papoknak, nem hittem a guruknak. Elkezdtem utánajárni ennek magam. Objektív és tudományos szemlélettel eljutottam a Határig és még azon is túl. Visszatérve saját spirituális platformot hoztam létre és most erről beszélek. | I did not believe the priests, I did not believe the gurus. I started to look into it myself. With an objective and scientific approach, I got to the Frontier and beyond. I came back and created my own spiritual platform and that's what I'm talking about now.

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The Game Level

Let's brush up on the essentials. Our world has a holographic structure, which in practice is best understood as if we were living = playing in a video game. Anyone who has seen an adventure game program will have a good idea of the possibilities of the game and can see things in a flash that esoteric masters dare not tell their students about even after years. But in the modern age, with our modern understanding of the world, we move much faster.

I should note here that from now on, there is such a thing as your 'angel' providing you with information in such a way that you happen to look at someone's newspaper on the subway and what you see is a message for you. From here on, there is also the possibility that you open a book at random and the message is almost illuminated for you. From here on there are magical objects and the boundaries of mysticism have been pushed further. But since most people don't believe in such things and the world conforms to their beliefs, they exclude themselves from it and are in a play experience based on a realistic interpretation of reality. I note that this interpretation of reality can still be realistic, but in the early 21st century it is unlikely on a mass scale.

Understanding magic also becomes easier. The difference between magic and esotericism is that in esotericism you look at yourself within yourself, whereas in magic you look at others and the outside world. Your consciousness is in constant contact with the hologram, but your ability to act on your intentions is fundamentally determined by your present capacity for belief and possibility, or knowledge. In the previous question and answer session, I gave the example of the .mp3 file as an example of the emotion that emanates from music launched from such files, which is indirect evidence of a holographic storage linked to physical objects. From there, the existence of magical objects also becomes understandable, if I place intentions on this holographic storage with my mind, from there the object becomes magical. A similar principle is at work in art in the effect produced by paintings, which is what makes a work where Picasso splashed something on the canvas so valuable. So magic exists, but the most powerful thing against magic is not to believe in it, because what you believe, you have. In that sense, believing in evidence-based science is not a bad thing if your gaming experience is based on a reality without magic. Which I personally consider a special value.

At the Game Level, it is also possible to remain a player but play football in a different league. If you start using the holoapps, you'll still be the same player, but in this game you'll use the new knowledge you've gained from, say, here. So like adventure game programs, you can develop yourself into a player with different levels of strength and skill. The line between Game-Play and Game-Admin Levels is drawn when you decide to use these opportunities not for your own gaming purposes, but for community purposes, or part of them. In other words, you start doing something for others and for the world. You see excellent examples of the Game-Admin Level on TV, when Seers try to pass on their experiences to viewers, or when you go to a card reader, astrologer, naturopath. These people, although they have special abilities, still live in the outside world and the purpose of their activities is there.

In summary, there are players at the game-playing level and players at the game-admin level, the difference between them is not primarily their knowledge, but the purpose of their activity. Both have levels, but their main motivation is still PPP (pie/paper, pussy/penis, position), i.e. one's main game objectives. To use the infromatics analogy, the players are the ones who use the apps and create the content, and at the admin level they create these apps. The limit towards the Admim Level is when they forgo these game goals in order to deal with the system and system development. This means that their activity shifts from the external world to the internal world, i.e., the ten-year time scale meditations.