Nem hittem a papoknak, nem hittem a guruknak. Elkezdtem utánajárni ennek magam. Objektív és tudományos szemlélettel eljutottam a Határig és még azon is túl. Visszatérve saját spirituális platformot hoztam létre és most erről beszélek. | I did not believe the priests, I did not believe the gurus. I started to look into it myself. With an objective and scientific approach, I got to the Frontier and beyond. I came back and created my own spiritual platform and that's what I'm talking about now.

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Third | questions and answers

Do you know where you fell? I quote: "You don't have to go anywhere, you don't have to meet anyone and you don't have to pay for it...". There is nothing like it in this world.

Did you read the other half of the sentence? I quote: "...but as I am still meditating, I am happy if someone throws it at me, but it is voluntary and no one is disadvantaged for not doing it.". Two more comments. The first is what you believe you have. Of course, it's not that simple if you're trying to do it as an individual in a hierarchy where you have to override the rules of the hierarchy with your beliefs, so the second will be a more practical answer. Since I'm still meditating, I have a lot going on at once and no one by my side. No one to start dealing with them and take care of the issues involved. They are not yet on the market and if I had to price them, I would have a hard time taking into account the heavenly and earthly aspects at the same time. So I am left with, here, it's free. But think of it as a promotional campaign that will be priced by customer satisfaction when I have time to deal with such things.

I would be more interested in this: "What I will be in the game also depends on the course of the game, which doesn't prohibit someone from being a god, although this is overshadowed by the fact that I am not religious."

First of all, there is the admin level, which I have already explained the essence of. In short, it's about giving up your mundane life to work on the system itself and its development. However, the conditions for this are not yet in place, so someone who wants to do this must either go to the extreme arc that I have gone to, or have the financial means to do it. Celestial assistance is not what everyone would think of, so I would suggest it more under the ÉlményPark platform. Admin tasks for me come when a problem arises, for which I need to immediately come up with a solution idea that I can work out later. One of these was the aforementioned recharge, a trip to the 3D, when the admin-admin level people can go on vacation. This means that you don't have to give up your mundane life completely, but the framework for this needs to be laid down and then tested. Because the admin-game level is precisely the 'omnipotent power' that already exists in people's beliefs, but fortunately the celestials intervening here do not have it. Although so far the game and admin levels have been merged, these aliens are actually players on the Game-Game and Game-Admin levels. If someone were to go from admin level to leave, they wouldn't need that power, just the power they need to achieve their goal. But it can happen, as in this case, that an alien intervention is started that destroys the Game and then it is the admin level's job to intervene. Think of it roughly as if the staff of an adventure game company were intervening in the game in order to restore it. The goal is not for them to be the absolute masters of the world = game, because the game is the goal, but they may be temporarily forced to do so if the alternative is to restart the game from scratch. If I embark on something like that, it looks like I might as well be a god within the game, but from my perspective it will be a job I will try to do in a playful way.

When will this become something?

Anytime. It could well be that this crisis will help. Because it's also a war game, don't think that the aliens are clapping their hands in delight at the prospect of an intervention, and from Earth. They will do everything they can to stop it. There were years when I didn't know what was going to happen next week, I lived in such miserable conditions. Then I decided to take up the study of the hologram and put myself in an even more difficult situation to confirm a hunch and I was right. When I start certain meditations, they take priority and something will always happen to make it possible to continue. This crisis has put me in an even more difficult position, which seriously jeopardizes my duties without income, but now the goal is not to meditate at the admin level, but to get into the game. What you read here can be understood as a comeback documentary live on my website. It can happen at any time and what happens I will continue to report.

Are there aliens allied with you?


What would drive an alien to ally with you?

First, let me clarify something. I have not made any covenants since I have become familiar with the different interpretations of covenants by all kinds of beings. I could put it down, but if I do it with my rationality, no one will understand. I have a lot of experience in this field and it is not by accident that I said that if a team of experts were to be set up, it would definitely need to include a child pedagogue and a child psychologist. In their eyes, the admin and game level is still not separated and I have to adapt to that. My level of consciousness is a serious problem for aliens, whose collective thinking is very much challenged by their understanding of individual consciousness. Especially since I am also a kind of singularity, i.e. I have gone much deeper in my individual consciousness than the collective consciousness to which I belong. They see the world as this bunch of people who correspond to one piece of being, and I'm working on that one piece of being right now, so that that one piece of being can gather all the similarities on the planet and create a new collective consciousness. Conversely, it looks like they're working to point to one piece of man in the eyes of the earthlings as the collective conscious being. This has been a problem, by the way, ever since the first individual conscious man with rational thought emerged. So even if by chance there were an alien who understood that he or she was making an alliance with that one piece of man, he or she would find it difficult to explain to the others and would also be in serious conflict with the collective consciousness in whose eyes I am a mistake, or more popularly a traitor. But I still come from above for the sake of my return to everyone, and in the religion of the aliens this means that they should regard me as their god, which, although their numbers are growing, they are basically unwilling to do. To answer the question concretely would be to assume that in this spiritual framework, on the one hand, they have the necessary protection, but on the other hand, they would have little hope of the change that everyone under the duvet is expecting. I would also have one more important comment, that if I am accepted as their god, this protection is also given to my opponents who play by the rules. I think at this point there are people who already understand and if one understands, there is a chance that the collective consciousness above man can understand.

Does anyone on Earth, say NASA, know about this?

I think they know about it, but they are in this game. If you try to think in their minds, I am a man who has been out of the public eye for 20 years, sitting in an apartment in Budapest, who is more likely to become a national security risk than a god incarnate on Earth. I am playing my own game and so are they. From the perspective here, there are two event horizons, two very different worlds that converge. In one, I am a world-absent nobody, in the other, I am a mighty descending god. I would be happy if they approached the question from the point of view that this god does not want to play god in front of anyone and can be reasoned with, but I think they would be happy if I did not exist and would certainly take steps to do so, but the proof of divinity may be that they never do.

When you wake up on Earth as a 'god', what do you intend to do?

Before that, you must know that until that moment comes, I am an occupied man whose individual consciousness is at war with several collectives. This means that everything I know, they know. In contrast, I have prepared myself in the deep trance with a powerful technique that I am demonstrating right now, because what I am writing about is becoming clear to me in this moment. The essence of the technique is that I don't know anything, and at the same time there is a kind of information warfare going on at the conscious level, full of deformations, manipulations, half-truths. But it's not new to me, I've been doing this kind of thing for a long time, so much so that enemy occupation is like home turf for me. Of course, getting closer to the ground is a bit different, it's as if the mind used to fighting in deep water is now fighting in shallow water. But I've always been a keen learner and a quick adaptor, which is how I survived the journey into the deep. What will happen I don't know, because no one can see their own future under the new rules. Of course, my rationality makes plans for that, but basically it will be that an event will occur in which I will use absolute improvisation. I'm guided by an intelligent XD beam that I've installed, and it doesn't hurt to have a human with the intellect that I have. If they are guided by the same, their own people are much dumber than I am, not to mention lacking experience. So to be specific, I have no idea what I'm going to do, but what I do will be the best course of action for the situation.

What do you think of NASA?

There will be no need to change the logo, because the new organisation will be called the North American Space Agency. It is a critical situation, because one of the reasons that humanity has survived all this way is that we have got out into space on our own. I have spoken to many beings who have known an untrue story and I will not go into it now, but it is now clear who really discovered space travel and who had what role in it. But the point is that certain competent spheres were very upset about the alien occupation of space exploration on Earth. The aliens who developed this technology did not develop it themselves, so they are not even members of the same elite club at the universe level that we are. The problem with that is that they almost had a heart attack when they heard that it was originally a weapon and were stunned to see raw meat and animal carcasses in the glittering lights and perfumes in the shopping mall, but I bought them about 400 years to prepare. What my motivations are can only be understood with the right perspective and information, but I have also prepared for the role of Satan by knowing the mindset of my opponents. I am under no illusions that NASA will stop what it is doing and look forward to change, but I always expect the best and prepare for the worst.

What is the goal?

The upliftment of advanced man and the creation of an advanced Earth. It is far from that, but it has the foundations on which to build. Those who are interested can apply in their own minds, all it takes is a thought and the inner intention to confirm it. It is a Drive-Target Ray that can be joined, but the intention to join does not guarantee the joining itself if the person is not willing to do it for it and refuses to make the necessary change. But it does guarantee connection to the Multiplex Projection, i.e. it may not be enough here, but where it is enough, everyone will be satisfied.

Who or what is the source of the goal? Whose intention is this?

I call it natural rationality, in a constructive-creative spirit.

Who or what do you think you are?

Primarily for an earthly person, although knowing the higher dimensions it is not clear which came first, the chicken or the egg.

What makes you think that the aliens would accept you as a god?

I know that they consider the one with the highest level of dimension. Or the deepest level of consciousness. But I am also aware that this is not politically acceptable to them. From another point of view, I have met beings who have created an artificial environment for the purpose of divine exploration and I have met them as if I appear in that environment. The paradox was that I went to the place where I found them for the same purpose. I would like to note here, however, that being a god is not easy at all in a world where everyone is prostrate. I tried to make them understand this, but the result was that they fell over the edge and from then on they just wanted to rule over me. I actually feel like I am in a zoo with them, but there are now, by my count, 2980 people who can be considered advanced human beings in this reality. I would not comment on the aliens.

How long have you been in a relationship with aliens and what kind of relationship is it?

I knew nothing about these aliens for a very long time, because my consciousness was much deeper and I only knew those who were in what I called the deep trance realm. Since I started meditating as a thinking person, I was ascending with the rational hemisphere of my brain, which implies that those I contacted there had managed to create such a channel. But I also encountered beings there identified as intruders, against whom I launched operations that succeeded in cleansing the inner consciousness. On my return, when I came back to this area, I came into contact with this situation above us and slowly came to know the situation. The contact is such that they want to surrender my body, which is not working and in the meantime I am already communicating with them as the new leadership of the Earth. Who is also the new leader of the galaxy because I come from above down, that is the new leader of the universe and I could go on but for many it would be difficult to interpret.

What is your purpose on Earth?

It would be nice to relax after a job like this, but there are a lot of tasks to do. I've got 400 years, and I've got several plans to make them happen, two of which I really like. There's a more peaceful version, where in 150 years we have the main elements and 250 to fine-tune them. But there's also one where I get through the main elements in 20-30, because I think it's the fine-tuning that's the key. My current measurement is 40% chance for the first and 60% for the second.

Are you also considering parallel realities?

I feel better than they do.

What do you think is the first step for someone who has been meditating in isolation for 20 years to take the first step towards their goal?

Describe these on your website.