Nem hittem a papoknak, nem hittem a guruknak. Elkezdtem utánajárni ennek magam. Objektív és tudományos szemlélettel eljutottam a Határig és még azon is túl. Visszatérve saját spirituális platformot hoztam létre és most erről beszélek. | I did not believe the priests, I did not believe the gurus. I started to look into it myself. With an objective and scientific approach, I got to the Frontier and beyond. I came back and created my own spiritual platform and that's what I'm talking about now.

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Man and what lies behind

The purpose of the previous section, although full of crucial information, is to lay the groundwork for this, in which I attempt to explain in a few paragraphs what might take a book to do.

Since ancient times, man has been studying himself, from which countless trends and religions have grown. But somehow, over time, they have all been distorted by current interests. The situation is as follows. If there is an extraordinary person who puts his insights on paper, those who read it are not extraordinary people and will never fully understand what they read from a low perspective. More accurately, what one does not understand, one understands what one wants to understand. Moreover, the problem arises, especially in the study of spirituality, that one who is immersed in it deserves full attention and will not be able to take care of himself in the outside world. This makes him vulnerable to those who care for him and, because there is power involved, he can very easily become a victim of those who abuse this vulnerability. I was prepared for this in time and I learned spiritual warfare in action when such figures appeared in my life. I also developed the technique of wake-trans, but this is beyond the scope of a piece of reality.

Christianity has called what man is made of the Trinity. This is the body, the soul and the spirit, but they left out the consciousness, because there is a close connection between the level of consciousness and spiritual rank. It is not for nothing that meditation is called the work of Satan, even though the first saints meditated (with drugs) and weeded out transmigration. Just as I wouldn't accuse the drug party people of being conscious seekers of God, I don't think they were driven by noble goals, but they were in on it, because transmigration is a process created by the individual consciousness and created by faith. Because the soul does not wander anywhere, because it is already everywhere. If you are playing chess and one piece is captured, you still stay there playing with the others, the soul does the same. But I understand what you mean, you mean the one piece of man whose individual consciousness wanders. But two levels up, it's completely incomprehensible and it's causing, or has caused, a serious problem, because I've ticked that off in my big problem-solving meditation series.

Let's start from the bottom first. 3D reality consists of three spatial dimensions and one time dimension. Time, by the way, is not easy to explain to someone who doesn't know what it is. I had to answer it immediately and when I looked it up later on the net I found almost the same thing. Time allows for the succession of events. Unlike the spiritual planes, things cannot happen simultaneously here. This has also become the key to solving problems in higher dimensions, meditating on the continuous timeline in 3D and untangling the elements that are stuck and locked together. But in fact, time is space, just a kind of curved space in which this succession could occur. Plus there are a lot of parallel and alternate realities where you exist in multiple variations, so death is very hard to define, and transmigration of souls even harder. From above, every single person in every reality is just a network endpoint, where the death of a person in one reality is like the death of a fly in the eyes of the collective consciousness of the fly. If you die, in your internal view you won't notice it because your consciousness will immediately jump over:
a.) or to an earlier point in the timeline of that reality
b.) or waking up in bed in the morning in a parallel reality with memories of that reality
c.) or in a higher world
d.) or in a lower world
You won't remember any of this. You may have some strange memories, visions, fear of heights or water fears that can be linked to your past life, but the main line will still be dominated by the characteristics of your acute life. If you can talk about continuity in terms of past lives, you have to include subsequent lives, because it's like when the read head of your HDD jumps around on your hard drive, but you see continuity on your monitor.

So the problem is that you are tying the soul to the individual and treating it as separate from the souls of other people, which literally creates an anomaly in the collective world. But they are not small potatoes in this either, they too have this anomaly created by faith, another physical world that you can see when you sleep and have realistic dreams. Only a non-religious minded person can sort this out, because bowing down and begging to ones who equally don't understand any of this would be difficult otherwise. The anomaly in a nutshell is this. The beings of the physical world believe that the spiritual world is outside somewhere up there, unseen, so the hologram has created this invisible spiritual world outside. And the beings of the spiritual world believe that the physical world is somewhere inside, and belief has created an inner physical world, and the beings of both worlds believe the two to be one.

The problem for them is that part of them is stuck outside this outside spiritual world, which is neatly described in esoteric groups as what planes there are, when originally the soul is supposed to go inwards with death. Thus it has become possible for alien intentions to appear through this spiritual world outside by occupying your own world, which you reinforce by prostration. And the problem for us is that the inner physical world follows the inner order, where everyone is collective and by ascending to it we would arrive in a highly dictatorial world. In this situation, I looked around, saw no one else with the necessary competence, level of consciousness and competence other than myself and began to constructively and creatively address this in such a way that the end result would justify the belief that nothing happens by accident with the conviction that their purpose is always a good thing.

I have closed the boundaries, reorganised the internal order and solved the most serious problem of the upper dimensional levels, that boredom starts to distort them. I called the solution the ExperiencePark, which in its title best expresses what this physical world is for and so I was able to keep both the physical and the spiritual worlds. I think I have succeeded in describing the essence in a short, concise and understandable way. Those who are reading, have read and will read will surely have questions in their minds which I will answer in the following writing.